Industry firsts

Our industry firsts

We have always avoided being a ‘me too’ company, offering insurance products just on price. We want to stand out by developing innovative insurance products that offer our customers protection, choice, and value. The products will be relevant, easy to understand and delivered through our bespoke in-house platform that allows our customers to manage their own policy 24/7.

Using these principles we are proud to say we have delivered several firsts in insurance.

The first pay as you go (PAYGO) General Aviation Insurance


We identified General Aviation (GA) insurance as a sector in need of innovation. Aircraft in the GA sector spend more time on the ground than in the air, most small aircraft are used less than 30 days a year. This made the sector a perfect fit for a Pay As You Go policy.

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The Task

Develop a GA policy where aircraft owners can avoid paying for annual flight cover while their aircraft is sitting on the ground and avoid wasting money on flight cover they are not in the air.

“Nobody enjoys paying for something they are not using.”

The Solution
To combine annual ground cover with the flexibility to add and pay for daily flight cover when you need it.
What We Delivered

The Covered PAYGO platform developers and product team worked with the Tokio Marine Kiln aviation underwriters to develop FlyCovered, the world’s 1st Pay As You Go General Aviation policy.

We developed a platform that would offer customers:

  • An online secure easy to use portal
  • They could receive a quote, and choice of policies in 3 minutes
  • Get cover in five minutes
  • Instantly receive documents
  • Manage their policy online 24/7
  • Add flight cover whenever they needed it
  • Only pay for the days they were flying, not the days they wish they were.

For the first time aircraft owners would be able to cover their aircraft while it’s on the ground with the added benefit of only paying for fight cover when they need it. They simply log into their FlyCovered account and book and pay for the days they require flight cover.

Aircraft owners can obtain a quote online in less than 3 minutes and get covered in 5. The first premium provides comprehensive annual ground cover and 7 days flight cover. Policyholders can then buy additional flight cover days online at a fixed daily rate when they need it.

The FlyCovered platform is available 24/7 and policyholders can manage and make changes to their policy at any time.

The first pay as you go (PAYGO) Learner Driver Insurance


We have provided temporary learner driver insurance to over 150,000 customers since 2010. Always looking to improve we asked our customers what would make our policies better for them and what are their frustrations with Learner Driver Insurance.
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The Feedback
By far the largest feedback was from our customers who couldn’t drive every day. They didn’t always have access to a car or someone to supervise them. They felt it was unfair that they still had to pay for insurance even when they are not behind the wheel learning to drive. They simply wanted a policy that was flexible and could fit around the days they were able to drive.
The Task
For our IT and product development team to build a new platform that could deliver a new insurance policy with benefits that were not available at that time in the insurance market.
The Solution
Develop a short-term motor policy where learner drivers can avoid paying for on-the-road cover when they can’t get access to the insured car or find a supervisor to sit with them.
What We Delivered

The first Pay As You Go Learner Driver Insurance that would change the way you could buy and use Learner Driver Insurance.

We developed a platform that would provide customers with.

  • Avoiding having to pay for insurance on the days they were not driving.
  • Ability to turn insurance on and off and only use it when you need it.
  • Receive instant quotes and a choice of 6 policy options.
  • Get covered and driving in 5 minutes
  • Receive documents instantly
  • An online secure, easy-to-use customer portal.
  • Manage their policy online 24/7.
  • Add on the road cover in minutes.
  • Add top-up days and extend their policy
  • Easy access from mobiles and tablets.
  • Buy a small starter policy and top-up insured days online
  • 100% more time to use any insured days purchased.
  • The ability you manage your own policy online.

For the first time, Learner Drivers are able to buy a policy and just insure the days they knew the car and a supervisor are available. This stops them from wasting money and paying for the days they can’t drive. After they have purchased a policy they simply log into their account and book a day they can drive, this can be in advance or at the last minute.

Learners can obtain an instant quote at any time as we use pre-quoted premiums.
They can be covered and driving in less than 5 minutes.

They can buy a short period policy ie 3 insured days over 7 policy days, and just top up days as they need them. The first premium provides comprehensive cover for the insured car over a selected period of days, policyholders can then buy additional insured or policy days at a fixed rate as required..

The Pay As You Go platform is available 24/7 and policyholders can manage and make changes to their policy at any time.

We didn’t stop there being the first…


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1st to offer Rollover of Unused Insured Flying Days
We don’t want our policyholders to waste money. They can roll over up to 7 unused Insured Flying Days at renewal.
1st to offer a Pay As You Go Price Cap
To give PAYGO customers the confidence they have selected the right policy option we offer a choice of 3 policies when they obtain a quote. Pay As You Go – Traditional Annual policy and a Ground Cover policy that has the option to add daily in-flight cover. The Pay As You Go and Ground Cover policy comes with a guarantee that no matter how many Insured Flying Days you buy, you will never pay more than our traditional annual policy.
1st to offer a Cancel Insured Flying Days Option
We use our unique credit system to work with our customers because we understand things change. We allow the insured to cancel booked Insured Flying Days and credit their Pay As You Go account with those days.
1st to offer a Ground Cover Policy Where The Policyholder Can Add A Single Days Flight Cover
When a ground cover policy is purchased the customer is given the option to add flight cover online at a fixed daily rate.


The Covered Pay As You Go platform is very clever. It offers 3 policy options from one question set.
Pay As You Go – Traditional Annual – Ground Cover Plus

The Covered Pay As You Go platform now offers Commercial Drone Insurance through its FlyCovered brand. Our drone policyholders enjoy the same benefits offered under the FlyCovered Aircraft policy.

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