General Aviation Insurance

General Aviation Insurance


FlyCovered is a leading provider of General Aviation Insurance in the UK. With
aviation insurers Tokio Marine Kiln we have designed 3 aviation policies to cater for the individual needs of aircraft owners. The first Pay As You Fly GA policy – Traditional Annual Cover – Ground Cover+

Our technology makes insurance easier to use and puts you in control.

We believe insurance should be easy to buy and use, so we have removed the need for complicated proposal forms and long phone calls. Obtaining a quote and getting covered takes less than 5 minutes from the FlyCovered website. You build and buy a policy online that meets your needs and only pay for the additional covers you require. You manage your policy online from any smartphone laptop pc or tablet at any time from anywhere.

We really do have you covered

We have designed 3 policies to cater for the individual needs of aircraft owners and pilots. If you’re a frequent flyer, fly less than 30 days a year or your aircraft is laid up we have a policy to meet your needs. The comprehensive policies we offer are suitable for single-owner flyers, flying groups, and syndicates. You can add additional covers if needed and only pay for the covers you need.

Should you have a non-standard aviation risk that is outside of our online quote platform please contact us directly. We will work with you and our insurers to find a solution.

Pay As You Fly 


This policy has been designed for aircraft owners who may fly less than 30 days a year. We have combined annual ground cover with the flexibility to add in-flight cover online in minutes on the days you can fly. We include 7 days of in-flight cover in the first premium, you can then buy additional days at a fixed daily rate when required. This policy comes with our guarantee “No matter how many additional days you buy you will never pay more than the annual policy we quoted you” You can also cancel booked days if you can’t fly and rollover up to 7 unused days at renewal.

Frequent Flyer Annual cover


Frequent Flyer is our traditional annual policy. It offers comprehensive cover for aircraft owners, groups, and syndicates with the option to add multiple aircraft and pilots under one policy. You can manage your policy online from any smartphone laptop pc or tablet at any time from anywhere. Interest-free Direct Debit available.

Ground Cover+


This policy offers comprehensive annual ground cover protecting the aircraft insured under this policy when it is not in the air, for physical loss of or damage to the aircraft. Eg theft, malicious damage or storm damage. Your legal liability to others arising when the aircraft is on the ground, including when you are moving the aircraft or running the engines are also covered. Unlike other ground cover policies you can buy and add a daily in-flight cover to your policy at a fixed rate online in minutes. If you get to fly for more than 30 days we guarantee you never pay more than the annual policy we quoted you.

How does pay as you fly work?

Pay-As-You-Fly AVIATION Insurance In 3 Easy Steps


Get a quote, we promise it’s quick and easy. Select the policy that fits your needs.

Pay As You Fly. Annual Ground Cover with 7 days flight cover included. Add additional flight days when you need them at a fixed daily rate shown in your quote.

Ground Cover+. You may just need annual ground cover at the moment but would like the option to add short-term flight cover should you need it.

After you have paid your premium and we email you everything you need to get FlyCovered.


Great you’re going flying. You need to book your insured flying day(s). This bit only takes a few minutes.

Log into your FlyCovered account. You can do this at anytime 24/7 from your smart phone, tablet or PC.

Go to BOOK DAYS in the menu bar, select the days you want to fly. In advance or just before you fly if it’s a last minute thing).

We email confirmation of cover and your certificate of insurance.

Take a look at our HOW TO VIDEOS and see how easy it is.


You’ve booked your flight cover.
You have your documents.

Enjoy the flight and when you want to fly again you just book more days.

When you need to book your next insured flying days you will only need your Password and PIN; we remember everything else.

Booked a day but can’t fly? You can cancel any booked days up to midnight the day before you were due to fly and we credit your FlyCovered account Free Of Charge with any unused days.

You can fly as many hours as you want on insured flying days.

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